Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Profile: Kilna Bil Hayy

For too long the squabbles of petty politicians and pundits have been perceived as emblematic of the sectarian divisions within Lebanese society. Does this dialogue, or lack there of, really represent demographic interactions within Lebanon? Search for Common Ground believes actual Lebanese people have far more productive and nuanced relationships with one another, and they hope to capture this through their new LBC Series Kilna Bil Hayy. Kilna Bil Hayy follows the lives of six Lebanese children, all from different ethnic and religious communities, living in the same apartment complex. These children work together to build communal pride and problem solve, offering a more realistic and hopeful model of productive dialogue. Kilna Bil Hayy can be viewed on Saturdays on LBC.

Safadi Foundation USA will be providing brief profiles on the stars of the show, showcasing the actors own feelings in communication and peacebuilding.


How has your participation on this show changed your perceptions/attitudes about conflict resolution in Lebanon?

This show was an incredible opportunity for me and my friends to experience a whole new adventure in our lives. And to tell you the truth, this show really changed my perceptions and attitudes about conflict resolution in Lebanon. I met different and very important people who changed my thoughts and opinions and I was enjoying every moment I spent with them because every day, last summer, I used to learn new things that obviously changed my perceptions.

Why is it hard for Lebanese youth to understand each other? How does your show help bridge the difference?

I think that Lebanese youth are very affected by their parents and family...And when the parents don't understand each other, this is definitely going to affect their kids by their opinions and comments about the other side that they can't deal with. But when a show like ours comes, many things are going to be changed: every person who watches the show will be directly inspired by teenagers on TV who represent him and that's how my/our show helps in bridging the differences.

What can Lebanese children teach adults about effective communication and compassionate understanding?

If we look at this problem in a negative way, we can see that children don't teach adults...But if we look at it in a positive way, we can always realize that teenagers like me teach older people, unconsciously, to be united. When every adult watches our show, he or she has to learn something from every episode and know that communication is very effective and to learn about compassionate understanding.

What do all Lebanese children have in common?

It's definitely true that everybody is different and special, but all the Lebanese children have something very unique in common: the love of their country. And this is what specializes us from others. We're still young and energetic and a long way is waiting for us to build our country in our special way.

If you could give a wish list of anything you wanted to Lebanese political leaders, what would it say?

Only one thing, every teenager wants and it's the combination and harmony of all our political leaders.

The Safadi Foundation USA would like to thank the
Search for Common Ground, and the stars of Kilna Bil Hayy for their participation in these interviews.

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