Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Take a break!

You are lying in bed still awake after two hours. Sleep will not come to you. Your boss has asked you to do something impossible at work; you know you will fail. You've been in a fight with your significant other and wonder if the two of you will break up. You just had a car accident after a truck full of goats drifted over the line and sideswiped you. Beiruti car horns light up the night, drivers unaware that honking does not get them there faster. Tick tock tick tock tick...

Get away from it all. Strap on your hiking boots and take advantage of Lebanon's natural beauty. Give your lungs a vacation from the pollution. It's time to be an ecotourist!

Where to start? Why not hike some of the 491km Lebanon Mountain Trail? Learn about Lebanon's literary history on the Baskinta Literary Trail. How about heading to the village of Ehmej to visit some of the feeder trails to the LMT and the new Forest Conservation Center? Need a trail guide? Check out organized hikes with Baldati or Esprit Nomade.

Ecotourism is a rapidly growing industry in Lebanon and has the potential to employ thousands of rural workers and create many new businesses in areas outside the urban glare of the nation's capital. And guess what? Trekking through the mountains is good for your health! So get out there! Live life! Enjoy Lebanon!

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