Saturday, November 7, 2009


I found it interesting the way news organizations across the globe wrote headlines about Lebanese politicians finally agreeing to a cabinet formation. Some headlines (in no particular order):

Associated Press: Rival Lebanon factions agree on unity government

AFP: Lebanon's Hariri to announce new govt

Voice of America: Lebanon Opposition Agrees to Unity Government

Tayyar: Bassil meets Hariri to convey opposition's approval of government lineup

Jerusalem Post: Lebanon: Factions agree on unity gov't

Xinhua: Reports: Lebanon's new cabinet to be formed in two days

Daily Star: Cabinet formation expected within next 48 hours

The National: Hizbollah agrees to cabinet proposals

Journal of Turkish Weekly: Lebanon Opposition Agrees To Unity Government

Naharnet: Suleiman: Government a 'Lebanese Product' for the First Time

RTTNews: Hezbollah Ends Political Impasse In Lebanon By Agreeing To Join Unity Government

Islam Online: Lebanon Opposition Okays Unity Govt

Euronews: Lebanon opposition agrees to form government

Earth Times: Lebanon's rival factions agree on national unity cabinet - sources

Press TV: Lebanon's Hariri set to announce new govt

ABC News: Lebanon Set to Form Government With Hezbollah: Hezbollah Is Listed as a Terror Organization by Washington

BBC: Lebanon government accord reached

Reuters: Opposition to join Lebanese coalition

There are those who emphasize "unity," those who make a point to say "opposition agrees," and those who say it was Hizbollah's fault it took so long. Not one of them mentions Aoun.

I found nothing in the New York Times, Washington Post, Le Monde, Spiegel, CNN, etc. Maybe they just don't want to report something that might not happen? After all, there is this: Cabinet Policy Statement New Point of Contention As a great New York Yankees catcher once said, "It's deja vu all over again."

Apologies for not covering the papers in Arabic - my Arabic is really bad and takes me quite a long time to read it. Maybe I'll try to focus on it later?

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