Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Roundup

Italy donates over $10 million to fund 12 new projects.

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robertkatz: On Paul Farmer for USAID - @nytimeskristofsays if he can't get through vetting, time to vet the vetters.

article on the Lebanon Mountain Trail. Check out LMTA.

Change Lebanon can believe in? Feel free to comment.

CRTDA is also good resource for Arab women's leadership issues.

The Federal Budget and Appropriations for FY 2010: Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights in the Middle East.

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mobileactive: few projects focused on transparency and accountability using mobile tech. Surprising. If you know of any, let us know.

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aljamiat: Awesome coverage @mideastyouth RT @Jared_Cohen: Youth, Middle East, & Technology @NicoleLapinCNN

Strategies and instruments used to tackle discrimination against women in the Arab world

Ziad Baroud
will visit the Baldati Centre in Mayfouq on Aug 7 during the youth summer camp.

This month's Gender and Development
Brief by CRTDA.

Spotlight on Lebanese NGO BASSMA.
Today's Lebanese

Civil Society Organization of the Day:
Collective for Research and Training for Development-Action

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SamerKaram: RT @sygma: A Rally to save Lebanon's Natural Bridge of Kfardebiene, Faqra.

RT: @Monajem: Interested in using social media in your NGO/school.. projects? Read this opportunity.

Lebanon Knowledge Development Gateway launched.

Please become a Facebook fan of Developing Lebanon!
Lebanese NGO of the day:
A Step Away: expanding role of art in promoting the awareness of rights, democracy, justice.

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Plus961: Maya Zankoul's Amalgam Book Signing.

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hibz: RT@ribalo Beirut’s synagogue kicks off.

Lebanon Youth Economic Forum to participate in Nam Lil Hiwar session Aug 3.
Facebook info.

Daily Star: Lebanese civil society must set a common agenda to shape policy. SafadiUSA aims to help with that!

EU accepting grant proposals for projects aimed at strengthening the role of civil society in human rights and democratic reform in Lebanon.

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