Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Roundup

Developing Lebanon has officially launched! Check back daily for news and information about civil society and development in Lebanon.

Gemayze is holding its annual Exposition of Art.

HireLebanese is holding 2009 Job Fair in Beirut in October.

Lebanese bloggers react to Iran crisis.

Arab Human Rights Fund calls for proposals from Arab civil society organizations.

London School of Economics held "Lebanese Elections and Middle Eastern Democracy" last week. Full audio.

Lebanon's Parliamentary Elections: Anticipating Opportunities and Challenges - USIP working paper. and Maya's Amalgam on LBC news.

Lebanese civil society expectations: Will parliament & government really work for social reform?

Middle East Institute hosted "The 2009 Lebanon Elections: Outcomes and Implications."

Naam Lil Hiwar "Comedy in Lebanon: Catering to public taste or provoking critical thinking?"

"This is Mona": Twitter social epidemic during Lebanon election.

Lebanon’s Reformed Electoral Law - is the cup really “half full”?

BASSMA holding fundraiser "Sparkling Summer Night" at Sky Bar in Biel July 6. Profits benefit deprived families in Lebanon.

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